Hey ski world, my name is Dylan and I’m taking a post graduate year here at GMVS. I attended Lebanon High School in Lebanon, NH where I skied and ran for the school all four years and skied for the Ford Sayre Ski Club for three years. After pursuing multiple PG-year options, Green Mountain Valley School ended up being the best. Coming to GMVS is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made: the people are super friendly, the location is perfect, there are superb facilities, the coaches and team are focused, and there’s always a buffet-style hot meal waiting in the cafeteria. Life is good.

The days have been busy. On most days, I wake up, work for a couple hours in the work-study program, train, eat lunch, take a nap, go to class, train again, eat dinner, do some homework/ tutor, and go to sleep. I’m taking two classes at the moment: PG writing and probability/ statistics. These two classes are enjoyable and provide homework, but I still have a fair amount of down time to devote to work and other activities. Nordic skiing is a time consuming sport, which means down time needs to be used wisely and affectively. I’ve been using my down time to allow my body to recover between workouts by putting my feet up or napping. I also use this time to focus on the details of skiing. Every day I stretch thoroughly, use rollers as therapy for my tight IT bands, and spend extra time in front of mirrors or looking at video to improve technique, all to make me faster this winter.

The whole team is pretty darn fast right NOW. Every member of the team put in some solid work over the summer and we’ve had many productive and effective training sessions over the last couple weeks. My favorite workout so far was 5 x 4 minute double pole intervals on Thursday. In each effort, our team would barrel down the road like a stampede. It’s great to have a crew to bump heads with in intervals, especially double poling because it’s possible to push them a little harder because lactates won’t be as high as in other training modes. Having a group along in this workout is important because is it is difficult to execute double pole intervals alone. Having a team to train with and coaches to give advice in every workout is one of the best perks of GMVS.

The team is focused group of kids who make sure to go easy on the distance days but aren’t afraid to test themselves. Yesterday was a day of testing for everyone. Danny did a triathlon in Maine and David ran a 17:30 5k on a grueling Essex course, while most of us participated in the Kelly Brush Ride yesterday. The Canadian boys, Daniel and Louie, are impressive bikers who were in the lead pack. John McGlenn led a breakaway for a while after bypassing the feed stop, finished the 100 miles, and then biked twenty more miles with his mom. Andrea, Kaitlin, and Elena each completed the 50-mile course in impressive fashion. Heidi and Kristen pushed themselves and completed 75 and 100 miles respectively. Alec, Hans, and Justin kept up with the lead pack that averaged over 30 km/hour. I, on the other hand, never even saw the lead pack. My legs were empty at the beginning so I spun easy and figured I would catch up to the other boys. I reeled in many people but I was way behind the hotshots at the front. I was content to make it an easy OD workout and biked with Andreas and Kristen for most of the way. We all have an OFF day today to recover and complete our homework. Coming up is more focused training and the Mad Dash on Saturday, a local running race down in the valley. We’ll let you know how it goes.

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