The girls.

We awoke to below freezing temps and a thick layer of rime on the deck, van and any equipment the kids left out last night, which led to the inevitable course delay. It turns out several inches of snow had fallen at the top of Whiteface and the race needed to be moved down the hill to lower elevation. All of the boys gave it a go with focus on technique and pacing properly for a race that only a few of the fittest skiers in the country could actually tackle as a race. Kristin and Elena gave it a go as a workout and we coaches were very proud that they had the confidence to let the pack go at the beginning and actually just SKI up the hill. That alone was hard enough–Elena’s average heart rate was 186! Kaitlin, Heidi and Andrea were bummed not to take part, but made the right decision and walked the entire course–cheering on their teammates and watching some of the best skiers in the country labor their way up the grueling climb.
I’ll let one of the kids update with a more experienced point of view later. If you want to see results:

Otherwise enjoy some of these pictures. The scenery down in the valleys is nothing short of prime.
Andrew Newell and Garret Kuzzy.
Mr. Kuzio having a fine day.


Daniel Moore.
Louis followed by Danny.
Dylan with the eyes of the Tiger.
Sinner ripping it up.

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