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A day with the US ski team.
-7AM, GMVS team is out running. After enjoying our breakfast, we all put our training clothes on and get into the Sprinter. We drove for about 15 min with Preston Ipod songs playing one after the other. Finally we arrived, Justin gave us the instructions of today`s training and let us start our warm-up. We did a little loop with the US ski team to begin the workout. Everyone is now ready to start the hardest part of today`s training: 5x4min level 4 for the boys and, I think, 4x3min for girls. Everyone did well, especially David who was able to stay with the big guys all along the workout. Danny and John really pushed hard all the way.They also find the energy to accelerate in the last intervals going farther than all their previous ones. A special thanks to Dylan who cheered us and took some picture (he did a lot of sprints 1 or 2 days before so he took it easy). Danny, courageously asked Torin Koos and Garrot Kuzzy to come for dinner… guess what.. they accepted and David Chamberlain came too !!! We all help for the dinner preparation, but the girls did a really impressive job cooking home made bread and cookies. After this good meal we all went out to play with fire ..yeah you read it right , it`s not of of my french writer mistakes .. we really played with the fire and played mafia game. We had a lot of fun around this fire.Stay tuned for more info on our LP training camp.
Louis-Etienne Garceau

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