We are back from an amazing camp in Lake Placid. I thought that we should tally up some of the behind the scenes nuances that make this team awesome.

7 am wake up time
3- camp fires
5- number of miles required to race to the top of Whiteface mountain
12- pots of oatmeal consumed
1- BBQ with Burke
8- games of mafia played
16-20- hours of training completed in one week
1- the number of times Dylan made sprint finals
30- approximate number of rolls the women’s team made for our dinner with Torin, Garrott, and David
6- coals passed around the fire (not as dangerous as it sounds)
1- the number of time Torin Koos was killed playing Mafia
1- the number of time Louis saved Torin Koos in Mafia
large=the size of coal that Louis is willing to hold
1- workout with dorky nordi boys (included shorts pulled up to chins)
1- cookie feed on our 46 mile bike ride
5- number of times that Disturbia by Rihanna was played in the van
10- number of minutes for morning run
numerous summits conquered
2.5- gallons of Chili consumed
3- family visits
6- pounds of taco meat demolished
TONS- fitness gained
3 or 4- times the team got to go head to head with the US ski team
39- best score at mini golf tournment
178,093,330,000,001- leaves that fell in the Adirondacks during our stay
3- the target lactate level for Tuesday’s workout (mmol/leter blood)
10 pm bed time

All and all, it’s added up to be a great camp. Thanks to all that helped us along the way!

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