Mt. Van Hovenburg Arrival

Getting back on after meal.
Departure over Crown Point Bridge.
Making Amy’s Banana Bread disappear.

Brought to you by Daniel Kuzio:
We’re just settling in here after a long ride over. We started our haul on the Vermont side of Crown Point Bridge in Addison and 46 miles later we arrived in Lake Placid. About 20 miles into the ride the temperature dropped and we started a long descent, by the bottom everyone was freezing. We had expected to see the van by now so that we could get food and warmer clothes but we had missed each other on a little shortcut we took. At about 25 miles we finally met the van.
Eight hungry boys stopped at the van and began pulling on clothes. When Justin and Tim brought some food out we pounced on it. A loaf of banana bread and a bag of jalapeño cheddar chips were gone in less than 20 seconds.
Once we got here and ate a great pasta meal, the girls were able to cook, because they drove over yesterday for a nutrition workshop.
After dinner we had team meeting. Some goals we have here at camp are to get in a solid week of training, meet some new people from other teams, and get to know people on our own teams better. I think it’s going to be a great week.

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