“Danny” Kuzio and “Daniel” Moore strike a pose in Keene, NY.
Danny, Kristin Halvorsen and John McGlenn atop Algonquin Peak (note the snow at their feet).

As pages start to turn and pencils once again scribble answers down on tests It is hard to keep my thoughts from drifting back to the aura of the Adirondack Mountains and how great a camp we are just returning from. Approximately 25 hours of solid training brought much more than just the aerobic and technical benefits that make us better skiers. As a team we bonded and learned more about the people with whom we spend a huge portion of our lives; we learned some about the different cultures our teammates join us from, and the music tastes of our coaches. We trained with the best skiers in nation, an awe inspiring experience by itself. Each one of these activities took place in a beautiful setting.

We were able to hike in arguably the most beautiful mountains in the East, with 360 degree views at the top of peaks, being able to see Mt. Mansfield and Camels Hump in Vermont, and the entire Adirondack range. Long bike rides and rollerskis led us through passes following the river and small towns blossoming with tourism.

At this camp every member of the team showed his or her love of the sport and support of others in their journey to be the best they can be. We became a closer community and everyone was able to take something away that would make themselves better skiers. All of this we achieved laughing the whole way. I would like to thank all of our parents and school administrators for making this camp possible for us, but most of all I want to thank everyone on the team and our coaches for creating a wonderful environment and a great time.

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