Camp #2 is on the near horizon. We depart on Sunday, travel to NH, then fly out of Manchester very early Monday morning. We’ll arrive in Vancouver, then drive to Silver Star resort in BC [weather, snow report]. It will be a long day of travel, but that is the modus operandi of a Nordic skier.

We coaches are reviewing the to-do lists and other check-lists to make sure we don’t overlook any aspect of the trip. The first trip of the season takes a some review, but mostly we have it ingrained. Waxes, radios, tools, equipment, lodging, meals, travel, etc. Justin has been mounting skis like it is his job. Cutting down poles, cleaning out the wax boxes, putting in the last wax orders. Sabra is planning tactics to feed the group efficiently. Packing bags, locating snow-baskets, waxing skis. I’m just sitting here waxing poetic.

John McGlenn and Daniel Moore during the relays this past weekend in Jericho.

Seriously, though, we have a major trip ahead of us, and we are excited. Silver Star resort is a fantastic place to train. The town is supportive and welcoming to Nordic skiers. The trails are out our back door. The Canadian Rockies are our backdrop. This is a huge opportunity to be on snow, in a really positive environment. We are lucky to have this chance.

The team will complete their mid-term exams before we depart, which means they can put extra focus on the training. We have many hours to work on technique, review video, test skis, wax, and focus on all the other details in our sport. It should be a great camp.

Thanks for checking in, and thanks to those of you that make this trip possible.

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