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After a long travel day back to Vermont yesterday I’m writing this from the comfort of my dorm room back on campus at GMVS! It’s good to be back in Vermont although waking up at 5:30 this morning (when it was 11:30) in Italy was a rough way to start my day! The laundry’s already washing, my skis are unpacked and the last of my photos are uploading so here’s a quick update on our last adventures in Italy. 
On Friday morning we walked down to the Sports Oberschule (the sports school) in Mals and met with one of their English classes. The kids grouped up to write action-filled stories (in English, so our kids were dubbed the “dictionaries”) using three words or phrases that were pulled from a hat. The stories ended up bring pretty funny, especially given that the whole class had to act out the actions as they were being read. 
Carl working with his group

Tanner recording his groups story. 

Lizzy had a big group. 

Elliot played dictionary and translator. Each group had one Italian-speaker and one German-speaker so translating to English got confusing on occasion!

Forrest (L) and Walker with their groups….somehow they got assigned to the groups of girls!
After a quick trip back up the hill for lunch, a change of clothes and some equipment packing we headed off for our afternoon adventure: skiing up the road to the Stelvio Pass from the Italian side. The older boys got dropped off of the edge of the valley in the outskirts of Prad while Lizzy, Carl, Tanner and I started skiing just above the first switchbacks. It took us all about 2.5 hours to ski through the 48 switchbacks to the top of the pass. 
A visual of our ski, elevation gain included. 
Once we got up a bit we had constant views of the mountains. 
Carl leading Tanner, myself and Lizzy up the hill. 

Carl, Tanner, Lizzy. 

Lizzy and I striding out of a turn. 
Partway through our ski the older boys and Justin and Jere (in the van) got separated from us when a small rockslide closed the road for an hour. We figure it must have happened just after Lizzy and I passed through. Carl and Tanner were ahead of us so the four of us got to the top just as Justin and Jere made it up after rallying to catch up! It was pretty chilly when we weren’t moving so the older boys had to take shelter in the van and their puffy coats while the road was swept clean. 

Jere’s view from the passenger seat. 

Some fancy cars at the top of the pass. 

Kat and Lizzy skiing over the top. 
Lizzy…happy to be done! 
All her clothes on and her lips are still purple! 
All the photos from the older boys on this ski were taken on Justin’s phone and camera so I’ll have to try and snag some of those from him. He’s also creating a short highlight video from our trip that I got to preview yesterday…it’s pretty sweet so stay tuned for it’s release! 
After our ski we headed back to town for dinner, shared with some of the local teachers, packing and bed! Our shuttle to the airport picked us up at 5:30am on Saturday for a smooth and easy ride to the airport…it’s always easier when someone else is driving. Our flights went smoothly and we made it back to Vermont last night right on schedule. 
The highlight of the 8.5 hr transatlantic flight…United serves ice cream!
Boys…happy to have just one flight left between them and Vermont!

The Green Mountains! 
The next few weeks of training should be nice. The temperatures are forecast to be more fall-like and we have Lisa (an Italian biathlete from the Sports Oberschule and the Martell Valley) here to enjoy our workouts with us. Tomorrow Garrott Kuzzy joins the crew. He is our new nordic director and we’re all psyched to meet him and move forward with fall training here at home in Vermont! 
Stay tuned! 
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