The internet at our accommodations here in West Yellowstone isn’t terribly fast, especially when the whole team is awake and using phones, ipads, computers, etc, so I’ve resorted to posting our daily updates the following day before everyone wakes up. I’m sorry to those of you reading on the East Coast…you can get highlights on our Facebook or Instagram pages during the day! ~Kat

Friday, November 18, 2016: Today we woke up to -8 degrees F and a low cloud cover that kept the temperature from rising with the sun. We headed out at 8:30am (temps rose to around zero by the time we were skiing) for an L3 skate intensity session on rolling terrain with a focus on using our legs effectively. The trails didn’t get groomed again so the trail surface was soft and punchy, adding to the challenge of our first intervals on snow but keeping us laughing as many of us fell when we unexpectedly caught ski tips.

TK leading Rena during their cool down back toward the trail head.

The ladies + Kat sporting their new team hats that Kat made.

Part of the crew ready to head back to the cabins after finishing. This is the trail head and in a few short days there will be throngs of people here and this photo won’t be so easy to get! 

Part of the crew went out for lunch at the Canyon Street Grill, a restaurant known for it’s malted milk shakes and 50s decor. It was fun to have a change of scenery and get out of the cabin on a chilly day.

After lunch there were some charades-style games before a study hall session, and a strength workout at the local gym. Dinner was pad thai prepared by Brian, Walker, Olivia, and Elliot and it was delicious!

Saturday’s plan is to sleep in and start an OD (over distance) workout at 9:30am. The older athletes will ski 3-3:45 hours and the younger will do 2:30-3 hours, all doing half the time on classic skis and then finishing on skate gear. The afternoon will include another study hall (at the local library for those needing faster internet) and meal planning for our final week of dinners here in West Yellowstone. Sunday we are heading to Bozeman to stock up on groceries and do a little bit of the tourist thing so we need to make our last shopping list!

Stay tuned for Saturday’s post with photos of our long ski!

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