Day two is almost a wrap. The crew had another great day, rollerskiing in Sun Valley this morning and using the SVSEF gym this afternoon for a strength workout. We had overcast skies this morning which meant temps stayed cooler for our first session. This afternoon the clouds thinned a bit but the sun didn’t shine quite as strong as yesterday afternoon. As I write this Olivia, Walker, Greg and Tk are cooking us a curry chicken dinner.


A shot from the serving of our first dinner here in Sun Valley.


Here’s the crew enjoying last night’s chicken parmesan dinner together.


Hot tubbing after dinner.


This morning we rollerskied in Sun Valley, double poling up Elkhorn Springs Rd the first time (there’s a bike path that parallels the road), and skating up the second time.


Margo and Olivia enjoyed each other’s company.


Charlie rocking his double poling technique.


Carl leading Brian, who’s been psyched to finally have two poles in hand these last two weeks.


Some of the boys practicing skiing sync.


All together now….


After our ski we stopped at the grocery store to stock up on a few items that we underestimated consumption rates on (this crew has been plowing through the eggs at breakfast). TK wanted to show off his new affinity for healthy eating….really he’s just posing with an employee’s restocking cart, but it looks like he’s actually into his greens!

After a lunch that heavily featured in quesadillas (Charlie learned how to make a quesadilla and is now a pro!) the crew had time for a quick nap before a study hall session. Everyone has been very diligent with school work so far!

img_7688This afternoon we made use of the SVSEF gym just down the road from our rental house for a strength workout. We did a short warmup jog on the race trails across the river before doing a long circuit workout. Some fun new exercises that the crew enjoyed included sledgehammer chops on old truck tires and the battling ropes, which resulted in lots of laughing for a few who hadn’t used them before.

Tomorrow we are going to drive north for a hike, grab lunch on the road and then visit our host at his mountain cabin, also north of here. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update!

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