After some decadent pancake and crepe breakfasts this morning we ventured north to hike to Goat Lake in the Sawtooth Mountains. The drive, which offers views of multiple mountain ranges in all directions, took us over Galena Pass and down to Stanley, ID. Stanley is a popular fishing and camping destination in the summer but this time of year, with the summer tourists gone home, it’s pretty quiet. We stopped in town after hiking for some lunch.


Our driving route this morning.


The red  marker is Goat Lake. There is a big waterfall right near the lake that can be seen from Stanley.

Remember, any of the photos can be viewed larger by simply clicking on them. 


Charlie gaining altitude.


TK taking in the views to the northeast.


Margo pausing to contemplate the final stretch of climbing.


Crossing the boulder field just before the lake came into view.


Climbing rocks!


Goat Lake!

The lake sits at 8,220 feet above sea level and is about a 1600 foot elevation gain from the trailhead where we parked. Contrary to the photos included here, most of the hike was on gradual, smooth terrain, though we did encounter a fair bit of packed snow and ice.


Rena with some of the boys in the background.


Olivia and Margo with Goat Lake in the background.


Margo, Olivia between them, and Carl!


Margo and her sweet tights…she needs a top to match so she can race in them!


The whole gang (minus Kat, who’s behind the camera).


Looking at birds? They LOVE this pose.


Once more.


A view on the way down.


Charlie, TK and Margo hiking down.


After our hike we went into Stanley for lunch. Here’s a photo for alpine coach Megan, of Colin making friends with a seemingly stray dog!


After lunch we ventured down to the riverside to pay a quick visit to a hot spring. This photo is looking back toward the mountains we were hiking in. Pretty spectacular!


The boys in the hot spring. The water wasn’t too hot but warm enough to be comfortable.


With the hot spring right next to Valley Creek there was much cold water dunking which was coupled with lots of screaming, and laughing. A good time both for those in the water and those watching!

We’re having a great time here in Sun Valley. Tomorrow is our final full day before we make the drive to West Yellowstone, MT on Tuesday. The weather turned significantly cloudier this afternoon….we’re hoping that means there’s snow on the way! Fingers crossed!

Stay tuned for one more update from Sun Valley!

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