Sorry for the sudden irregularity of posts. With the arrival of more guests at our cabin complex our internet is much worse. I’ll try to continue posting but cannot guarantee that it will be daily, nor what time of day (or night) it will happen. Thanks in advance for your patience! Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for small daily updates at the very least!

On Saturday we did a mixed-technique (half classic/half skate) OD (over-distance….usually 3+ hours) workout. The kids aimed to ski 2:30-3:45 hrs, switching equipment and grabbing a snack halfway through. It was likely our last workout with the trails more or less to ourselves until the Yellowstone Ski Festival is over next weekend, and was highlighted by the addition of our first classic tracks of the winter! They weren’t perfect and had dirt/rocks in places so we were constantly getting in and out to avoid ruining skis, but they were still nice!

The view from the top of Telemark Hill on the 5k race course. There aren’t many spots on the Rendezvous trails where you get any kind of view so this one is kind of special.

Greg enjoying the classic tracks….at least that’s what I assume the tongue means!

Our older boys working together as they head in to switch to skate gear.

The snow in the trees makes the trails look gorgeous!

Margo enjoying the conditions!

A nice looking track!

Olivia was all smiles as she tested out the tracks!

Carl leading a small contingent.

Another nice classic track.

Dinner on Saturday was prepared by the French students but wasn’t necessarily French this year. We had french toast and french fries but it was still delicious (and entertaining to watch them cooking together)!

French toast with berries and some powered sugar!

After dinner Colin and I (Kat) held a charades match between cooking teams to determine which team would have their final cooking night off while we prepare dinner for them. It was pretty entertaining and we discovered that being in the play doesn’t necessarily help when it comes to charades!

Here’s Tanner showing us what curling your eyelashes looks like!

Brian is a race car driver!

Sunday we went to Bozeman for a day off. The kids got lunch in downtown Bozeman before exploring for a few hours. We stocked up on groceries for the rest of the trip including Thanksgiving, which they have decided to move to Sunday as Thursday is a pre-race day. After shopping we went to Mackenzie River Pizza for dinner before making the drive back down to West Yellowstone.

Greg and Olivia found a friend in the grocery store!

Today (Monday) we’re going to take advantage of the classic tracks and work on some technique in the morning and follow up with classic specific strength in the afternoon. Tomorrow is the first official day of the Yellowstone Ski Festival so the days will get a little busier until Saturday when most of the teams will depart.

Stay tuned for (sporadic) updates! Thanks for reading!


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