Happy Thanksgiving from West Yellowstone! 

Yesterday (Wednesday) our race season kicked off with some fun novice biathlon competition. Brian, Carl, TK, Tanner, Olivia and Margo all jumping into the 4.5k competition (though every single one of them did slightly more than 4.5k thanks to penalty laps, some more than others). The local club hosts the race and has rifles for those who don’t own one themselves. Beginners shoot only on starting targets (about the size of a DVD) from the prone position (laying down) at 50 meters. They also provide shooting blocks to add stability when aiming. 

All photos can be viewed larger by clicking on them! 

Olivia, Carl and Margo were all smiles after the races finished!

Margo in just her third nordic race ever! She finished 13th, hitting 4/10 targets.

Olivia won the women’s novice race, hitting 9/10 and throwing down some speed on skis to win by 38 seconds!

Brian hit 9/10 to finish fourth in the men’s novice race!

TK hit 6/10 but pushed hard on the course to finish 3rd in the men’s novice, just 6 seconds ahead of Brian!

Tanner had a rough day on the range, hitting just three targets, so he’s excited for some redemption in tomorrow’s skate 5k event. He finished 18th in the men’s novice.

Carl also struggled on the range (undoubtedly because all of the rifles provided were at least 6-8 inches too small for him), hitting just 2 targets. Carl finished 15th and is also racing tomorrow’s 5k skate.

Full results from the biathlon races can be seen here.

Our crew has elected to move Thanksgiving dinner to Sunday so it’s not the night before races. Everyone has paired up to cook a dish, including mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, stuffing and pies. And Colin and Kat will be cooking TWO turkeys! Yikes! We’ve had no shortage of great meals on this trip and Thanksgiving surely won’t disappoint!

This week the crew is winding down on homework assigned for the trip so we’ve started having a daily device-free hour. This is the stack of phones, computers, ipads and readers from just one of the our two cabins!

Last night there was a fashion show at the Festival Expo….Tanner, TK, Carl and Brian modeled Toko gear on the runway. Unfortunately the lighting was terrible so this is the only decent picture from the spectacle!

This afternoon’s Thanksgiving highlight will be feeding the West Yellowstone grizzly bears and checking out the wolves as well! It should be a fun afternoon activity for the team!

Tomorrow will be a 5k skate event for TK, Tanner, Carl, Brian, Olivia, and a 10k skate for Nick, Elliot, and Walker. Sunday Rena and Nick will race 5k and 10k classic races respectively (pending a decision by the organizers to determine if there’s enough snow to set a clean classic track). Stay tuned for lots of photos and an update each day!

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