Yesterday we made the big drive northeast to West Yellowstone, MT. On our way we made a few stops, first at The Gold Mine (the same thrift shop from Monday evening) where Carl scored some brand new spiked Salomon running shoes, Colin found a set of his high school race tights, and Margo grabbed a deal on some classic rock skis, among other sweet finds within the team. After The Gold Mine we hit up the grocery store for another big shop that will hopefully hold us through until the 20th, when we’re planning a day off with an afternoon trip to Bozeman. A short hour into the drive east we stopped to explore and go for a short run at Craters of the Moon, a National Monument that features miles and miles of hardened lava flows.


The crew (minus Kat) standing on the end of one of the open lava tunnels that are marked for exploring.


Carl standing on the edge of an opened tunnel.


Walker found a spot in the light while standing in the bottom of a huge tunnel.


Margo taking in the landscape from one of the paved paths that were put in to made the park more accessible.


Colin reading an educational sign. Everything in the immediate view from the path is lava and sagebrush.


Walker exploring in the caves….it doesn’t look like he has anywhere to go but we went through a tiny hole above his head and popped out in daylight!


Rena doing some strength training….


Olivia and Margo in one of the first caves we came upon.


Keep your head down!

After exploring Craters of the Moon we continued east and then turned north to West Yellowstone. The drive is straighter and flatter than any in New England but offered some great views none the less. Carl manned Kat’s camera from the passenger seat and captured the following shots.


The sky seems bigger out here….


Clouds and seemingly endless prairie.


Following Colin and Walker in their cargo van.


Coming into Idaho Falls we were lucky enough to see the Tetons. They’re usually surrounded by clouds but not yesterday!


One more shot with the Tetons in the distance.

As I write this the kids are all still asleep (hence the internet being strong enough to load these photos!) but a quick glance out my window tells me that (luckily) we have to alter our morning plans to rollerski into the Yellowstone National Park. There’s SNOW on the ground and more falling from the sky! Not enough to ski yet, but we’re heading in the right direction!

Keep up the snow dancing…it’s working!


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