Hello family and friends of GMVSxc,

Today (day 5…Friday) we had another perfect day on the Stelvio Glacier but before I share a pile of photos, a quick summary of yesterday. The morning was focused on academics with a long study hall period that doubled as a testing block for our chemistry students. After lunch we joined the local xc team from Sport Oberschule for a run on the side of the Glurnserkopf just across the valley from Mals. The route was mixed between forest road (dirt) and narrow walking trails that run along the irrigation canals that were built in the 1300s. After our run we had some extra time to relax before dinner in the school dining hall and then another study hall (because we didn’t have time for schoolwork today) before bed.

The whole gang (GMVS and Sport Oberschule) before heading into the woods.

Today we took advantage of clear skies to make the trek back to the glacier again. This time both vans headed up through Switzerland and found very icy roads at the top of the pass. Jere’s van got stuck behind a less experienced/prepared driver and tried to help him get started when he got stuck on the last straightaway but to no avail. We ran the final distance to the parking lot while Jere railed around the stuck van as soon as there was space on the switchback!

When we arrived at the nordic loop on the glacier we found perfect, fresh corduroy groomed out just for us. Most of the crew skied between 1.5 and 2 hours, working on technique for much of the duration. There was also a little playing that happened on the descents back to our starting point on the loop…..

Tanner getting some air off the berms between switchbacks on the nordic loop

Olivia working on technique

TK rocking the vest, retro headband, and improving his technique!

Brian’s “Kat, I’m so tired” stance at the end of the ski. This guy is putting in some serious volume for his first time in Italy….being tired is a-okay!

Even when he’s tired Brian still smiles for the camera…

Josh, before the layers came off….

Greg getting off the ground….surprisingly this wasn’t how he broke his pole!

Grace can’t stop smiling….I think she’s having some fun on snow!

Erik putting in some one-pole time before calling it quits on the day.

Josh, working on technique and his tan

Rena using V1 technique to climb through a corner between switchbacks

Emily and Ursula showing off their best technique for the camera

Tanner enjoying the perfect conditions and views

Matt trying to catch some of the boys and eat a snack at once

Nick working his V1 technique through a corner

Tanner leading Greg, who’s doing some one-pole technique work after breaking his other pole

Brian practicing his tele technique on the crust that surrounded the nordic loop today

Carl working on his V1 technique while skiing with one pole

Nick leading Greg and Matt during the one-pole work

Brian leading TK and Tanner through a corner

Ursula and Emily working together to get lots of distance in

Grace, always smiling and always looking for pointers on her technique

Rena doing one-pole work

Carl and Olivia doing some technique work with Colin following

Tomorrow we have a skate ski in the morning followed by two different intensity options in the afternoon. Part of the crew will do classic rollerski intervals while the rest of the crew jumps into a local street race in the walled city of Glurns. Should be exciting….stay tuned for another update and more photos!



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