Written by Kat (with some assistance from Carl)

Greetings from Sun Valley, where we’ve gotten lucky this year with snow from day 1 of our three week camp.

The first bit (in italics) of this update comes from sophomore Carl Kellogg:

Wednesday – Friday: The team arrived in Ketchum late Wednesday night. We then unpacked ski bags, duffels, and dozens of groceries that we acquired at the WinCo in Boise. The next morning we woke up, made a lavish breakfast, and geared up for a strength sesh at the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation Training Center. In the afternoon, the team got on snow for the first time. We did a skate distance ski on the Galena trail system. That evening Greg, Nick, Erik, Kai, and Tk made a delicious Pesto Pasta.

The next morning the team embarked on another skate distance ski on the Harriman trail. The fresh snow from the previous night and the beautiful weather made for a lovely time. In the afternoon, we went for a run behind the cabin, up the side of the valley and around the top of the mountains. We closed the day off with hearty tacos thanks to Rena, Brian, Josh, Ursula, and Grace.

On both of our flights we dominated the back rows of the plane. Our first flight from Burlington we had a really hilarious flight attendant who had fun with our crew….On the ground in Boise, waiting for coaches to pick up rental vehicles so we could start the drive to Sun Valley. That’s a lot of gear!In Boise we did a big shop for our first week in Sun Valley….we had six carts at checkout but it turns out we should have had seven. We had to do a little shop in Ketchum for the items that we think were left behind somewhere in the store. The WinCo employees must have been wondering why there was a filled cart left in the produce section! We arrived in Sun Valley in the dark so we stopped at a Mexican restaurant in Hailey for dinner. These clowns took over the kids table!

We kept the crew in suspense on Thursday morning, pushing our first ski to the afternoon in order to take advantage of available time in Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation’s gym. We started with a trail run to warmup, finishing at “the hut” for our strength session.

Some of the boys doing medicine ball toss work outside “the hut”.

Goal setting before we got too deep into camp. It’s important to always have something you’re working toward so we spent some time logging goals for the next three weeks and then sharing a few with the group.

Heading out for our first ski on Thursday afternoon. The trails were well-covered and had been rolled with a snowmobile. Conditions have done nothing but improve since we got here.

Happy skiers after our first on-snow session!

Emily’s excited to be on snow and using her new Leki poles!

Part of the crew on their way back to the vans after our first ski…..happy to be on snow!

Nick, all smiles after our first ski!

Olivia making herself breakfast before a morning workout. Because we stay in houses together the crew has to prepare all of our food. Breakfasts and lunches are done on an individual basis.

Dinners here are being prepped according to a rotation where groups of five cook meals for the entire team. The kids planned their meals back in Vermont, wrote ingredient lists for our shopping adventure, and are cooking and cleaning on their assigned nights here in Sun Valley. Each team will cook twice before we make the transition to West Yellowstone on Thursday, November 16th.

Some bruschetta that was part of a ravioli meal. So far we’ve had tacos, ravioli, stir fry, pesto pasta, and pad Thai. Tonight the coaches are cooking so the kids get a night off: marinated grilled chicken, roasted potatoes/carrots/onions, and a big salad!

We’ve been having study hall every day in hopes of everyone being done their school work before our first race week of the season.

More studious kids….

And there’s been social time! Here’s part of the crew playing a card game while waiting for dinner to be ready.

And some more photos of the fabulous skiing that we’ve had, since skiing is why we’re out here!

Here’s Brian, all smiles partway into our 3 hour OD ski on Sunday morning. Classic for ~1.5 hrs before a snack and a quick change to skate gear.

Colin took us on a tour of the Galena trails and we discovered that there was more terrain groomed (with classic tracks) than we realized! Here’s Matt being silly with Ursula, Grace and Olivia in tow.

Pete striding with Tanner and Brian during our first classic ski on snow.

The caboose view as I follow the team during our OD.

So far our trip has been fantastic. We’ve lucked out with the ski conditions and have had six very productive training days (and one fun off day). Tomorrow is our last full day here in Sun valley before we make the migration to West Yellowstone on Wednesday.

For those reading this, I will try write a post every couple of days going forward, but you can also look for daily photos and small updates on our Facebook (GMVS Nordic Ski team) and Instagram (@gmvsxc) pages. Thanks for reading!

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