And just like that it’s March! Where did the season go?

Tomorrow our team splits in two directions to start our final month of racing. Eight Gumbies will head to Junior Nationals with Team New England and Colin (who’s helping NE as a wax tech), while six stay at school with Kat and Pete to tune up for Eastern High School Championships, SuperTour Finals or test themselves in a marathon or two. That’s over half our crew qualified for JNs and we couldn’t be prouder. Not everyone is headed to Utah but everyone has helped push this team to the results that we’ve achieved as a group. Each individual has made vast improvements this year and we’re excited to watch what happens this month as we close down on the finish line. There are five weeks of school left until April break and the days will be busy, stressful, and tiring, but hopefully they will entail some fast and thrilling racing to finish out the season of 2017-18!

We’ve had one of those winters…’s a day when the woods were wonderful. Luckily our central location and daily campus schedule gives us the freedom we need to go wherever the skiing is good. Trapps, Jericho, and Rikert are all within 45 minutes of school and Craftsbury is also within reach at just over an hour.

Girls happy to be skiing on natural snow!

These 9 will put on Team Vermont suits for Eastern High School Championships (1st row, L to R: Josh, Brian, Carl, 2nd row: Olivia, Grace, Matt, 3rd row: Greg, Emily, Rena)

These eight will head to Junior Nationals this weekend: Greg, Carl, Ursula, Nick, Brian, Rena, Erik, Josh

Smiling faces after a sprint qualifier at a SuperTour in January.

How we will all look in five weeks! Nick finishing his sprint heat at the Craftsbury SuperTour.

Elliot Ketchel (GMVS ’17) will be racing at NCAAs in Steamboat in just his first year on the college circuit. Elliot is a freshman at Bowdoin College and it’s been really exciting to watch him use the skills he developed at GMVS, both academically and athletically, to succeed right away at Bowdion.

It takes a lot of effort from many folks to have a team succeed like ours has. Many thanks to Leki Poles for their continued support this year!

A heartfelt thanks also to all of the parents who came out for the Eastern Cups and Eastern High School/U16 Qualifier, bringing food, smiles, and encouragement. Having such a large Gumby showing really makes it feel like we have a huge team at these events, not just a group of 14 racers! #gogumbies

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