You might notice that these posts are a day behind. Our only access to internet is at the guest house where we eat lunch and dinner, which also plays host to many of the boarding students for our sister school. In the evenings, when we’d like to post daily updates, the students swarm the internet (ours included) and it’s pretty useless. Last night I made a valiant attempt at a post but it took me an hour just to upload five photos to Google Drive from my phone. It’s working much better now (post-lunch time and the local kids are in classes!).

So, here we are with our Day 2 post halfway through Day 3! Yesterday we went for an easy classic rollerski right from our dormitory in Mals. We followed the bike path, which is right out the back door, all the way up to the Reschen See (Russian See). It was another perfect day with crystal clear weather and beautiful views in all directions.

Processed with Snapseed.

Carl and Nick heading through some narrow streets early in the ski. The bike path runs the entire length of the valley from Merano to the Reschen See (Russian Lake) and goes right through some gorgeous little towns.


Olivia and Colin skiing together.


Alex taking a break from her first classic rollerski ever to enjoy some castle ruins.


TK, Walker, and Tanner enjoying the sun and views during a water break.


The Haidersee which sits just below the Reschen See. The bike path followed the shoreline for a while and it was gorgeous!


When we finished some of the crew jumped in the Reschen See to cool off. Word is that the water was extremely refreshing and not as cold as the color would lead you to expect.

In the afternoon we set out on foot for some easy distance. We split into two groups, one doing a 1.5hr run/hike and the other sticking to flatter terrain for a 50 minute run along the valley floor. We began together with Lisa, one of our Italian friends, and headed across the valley through the walled city of Glurns. Both groups finished with some core and stretching back at the dorm.


Heading into Glurns. The gate is only wide enough for one vehicle (or pack of runners) at a time!

Our afternoon workout finished early enough that most of the crew had time to venture up into the old part of Mals in search of grocery stores and some seeing. Mals is pretty picturesque (as is just about everything over here) and several in the group have been enjoying working on their photography projects already.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

And one more shot from Day 1’s hike above Mals because it was too good not to post. Do you think Nick and Elliot are happy to be here, or what?

Check back tomorrow (Day 4) for a post on Day 3!

I’ll leave you with this teaser from this morning’s rollerski…


Last night the team returned from a weekend trip to Waterville Maine for NENSA Eastern Cup #2. Overall the weekend was a great success and the energy was high in the van during our return drive. As with any group we had some good results and some not so good, but lessons were learned and the crew is hungry for more! 
The whole weekend of racing was originally scheduled to be held at Chisholm Ski Club (Black Mountain) in Rumford Maine. Mother Nature threw a kink in that plan but the team at Quarry Road stepped up to host instead. Given the last minute move, they did an excellent job putting together a busy weekend of competitions.  
Quarry Road, the hosting venue, sits close to Colby College, just on the other side of I-95. It’s not often we race so close to highways here in New England so we couldn’t resist a group shot where the access road passes right under the interstate. All smiles after a big weekend of racing! 
Day 1: Skate Individual Start 5k/10k Races

Justin, our wax tech and former GMVS coach, has been teaming up with Nick Mahood of Woodstock Nordic to get some really fast skis coming out of our trailer. Here’s the view early Saturday morning before the skate events got underway.
Saturday’s Men’s and Women’s 10k and 5k events were combined with the second day of the EISA Bates Carnival. This combination has been happening for a few years now and is really exciting because it allows younger athletes a chance to test themselves against the college fields that most aspire to compete in down the road. 
Saturday’s course was a 1.5 kilometer loop of manmade snow. The U16 boys and women completed three laps for a 4.5k race and the men’s field did six laps for a 9k. While counting these laps can be tedious, it allows for some great pack skiing and the spectating can be really exciting with so many athletes on such a short loop at once. Mother Nature added her own special touch, dropping  fluffy snowflakes on us all day. The early fields (U16s and the first half of the women’s field) had firm tracks but as the snow accumulated the course became a bit less firm. 
Forrest (#394) skiing in a small train that included racers from Dartmouth, Stratton Mountain School and Colby. Forrest had a strong performance on Saturday, finishing 39th overall (including the college field) and 2nd in the U18 age group. 
Carl raced up in the U16 age group this weekend and skied to a solid 17th place.
Elliot skiing solo on his way up the big hill. Elliot did a great job working with and through several groups of racers during his six laps around the course. Elliot finished 92nd over (college field included) and 14th for U18s. 
Tanner pushing hard up the big hill. The U16 field was smaller so the boys had to ski on their own quite a bit. Tanner finished less than a second behind Carl in 20th place. 
TK in just his second weekend of Eastern Cup racing action. He skied a strong race, finishing 25th in the U16 boys field. 
Lizzy climbing through snowflakes. She had a tough weekend, battling some breathing issues but learned some valuable lessons that should help her feel better during intensity going forward. She finished 128th in a deep women’s field (college field included) and 34th for U20s. 
Walker looking strong and focused. He skied a smart race, logging negative splits and working efficiently with the skiers around him when he could. Walker finished 53rd overall (college field included) and 5th for U18s. 
Day 2: Classic Mass Start Distance 5k/10k Races

Day two greeted us with clear sunny skies. It was beautiful! Quarry road opened additional terrain to lengthen the course to 3.3 kilometers of perfect classic tracks. 
Garrott and Justin getting ready to head out for some early morning ski testing in their matching Gumby jackets, patriotic Toko gloves, and Leki poles….there’s no better way to start a race day for a couple of coaches!
The U16 boys kicked off the mass start races. They did one 3.3k loop and one lap around Saturday’s 1.5k loop for a 4.8k race. 
Tanner and Carl skied much of the race together, pushing one another while chasing down their opponents. 
TK with great technique in just his second classic event ever. 
Garrott cheering Carl and Tanner into the finish….they had a four way sprint for 17th place which Carl won by throwing out a great lunge across the line, just like we’ve been working on in training. Tanner took 20th, crossing the line just two seconds behind Carl. 
Garrott cheering TK through the final meters of his race. TK managed pass the skier to his left (in red and black) and threw a perfect lunge at the line to tie finish times with the skier in front of him here (in blue). 
Lizzy had a classic race that she’d probably rather forget, but that’s part of racing and the experience will help her learn valuable lessons for the future. She did a great job pushing through her race, being persistent right to the finish line, and then talking through the race with Kat to make the most of it. Her race also brought out the loyalty that runs deep on this squad. Tanner, TK and Carl were right there when Lizzy was struggling and made sure to check in with her and her parents after she finished. Her little Gumby brothers are pretty attached after just a few months! 
The men’s 10k mass start getting underway. They skied three laps of the 3.3k course for a 9.9k.
Forrest skied a smart race, staying very relaxed and working with his competitors to find a smart pace on each of the three laps. He finished 12th overall (no college field on Sunday) and 4th for U18s. 
Walker working with one of the SMS boys through the stadium area. Walker and Elliot both found themselves in a bit of traffic at different points of the race. Both skied smart, working on aspects of classic technique that we’ve been focusing on in training, and finishing well in their age group. Walker was 20th overall and 7th for U18s. 
Elliot striding big out of the stadium. He finished 25th despite a big fall on his first lap (11th for U18s). 
Full results from the weekend can be found here
We have two weeks in the Mad River Valley before our next Eastern Cup weekend in Lake Placid at the end of January. This coming weekend Charlie (and maybe Kat) will put on a bib at Ole’s for the Valley Cup classic race on Sunday. Come ski with us then! 
Thanks for reading! 
Welcome to 2016! 
The GMVS nordic team reconvened on campus last week after two weeks at home with family for the holidays. With some light sickness and fatigue after a big volume week the group was a little spread out to start but going into our second week we’re dialed in and ready to go.

This New Years the GMVS nordic team has lots to celebrate, even if we haven’t had much snow. Right now we’re feeling incredibly thankful for our hosts at Rikert Nordic Center who have put in countless hours to keep the trails open when Mother Nature has done her worst. We have also gained the support of Leki Poles and the team couldn’t be happier! Watch for them in our photos and if you’re interested in learning more about some of the best poles on the market, you can check Leki out here. They come highly recommended from this crew!

Sporting our flashy new poles back in West Yellowstone for the first time! 

Back in December our ski conditions were pretty bleak. One particular day (shown above) we put ourselves to work helping the Rikert crew cover some patches before our ski….since then we’ve been spoiled by the efforts their crew has put forth, both grooming what little snow Mother Nature has provided and pumping out the man-made terrain. 
We were greeted by blue skies at Rikert on Tuesday! 
 We kicked our intensity week off hard with specific strength intervals, exploring different terrain for each of our four interval sets. 
Tanner pushing hard in one of his last intervals. 
Elliot (L) and Walker (C) pushing each other through the last set with Tanner (R) chasing them down.
Smiles (almost) all around after a group cool down! Group photos can be challenging with this crew….hats over eyes, serious faces, squinting in the bright sunlight. We tried.
Tuesday afternoon the crew got after it in the gym between classes. One of our team goals this winter is to do a good job carrying our strength program through the racing season….so far everyone has been nailing it!  
Tuesday evenings the local BKL (Bill Koch League) program meets at Ole’s Cross Country Center and Kat’s been trying to join them when she can. This last week was their first session on snow and the kids did awesome and had a great time.  
Hard not to have fun when you’re greeted by this! Great conditions thanks to careful trail maintenance by the Ole’s crew with the small amount of snow we had. Had. Yup…they’re closed today but hopefully Mother Nature follows through with the snow that’s in the forecast so skiing can resume. With the hard base created when the snow and ice refroze last night it shouldn’t take too much fresh pow to create awesome skiing again! 
Icing on the cake: a beautiful sunset to close out the BKL evening! 
Wednesday was a recovery day on the scenic (and sunny) trails at Ole’s. 
There’s not much that beats sunshine and perfect kick!
Garrott, Margo and Meg (one of our teachers at school) on our way out. 
Margo leading Kat and Charlie on the way back up to the airport field. 
The morning finished out with an intense game of speedball! 
The crew taking in some sunshine together….one of these days we’ll have to get some good photos with Tanner’s smiling face when he’s not expecting it! 
Thursday we took a ride on the pain train: 4 x 4 min at L4 on uphill terrain at Ole’s. We were joined by GMVS alum Maddie Leopold, who now skis for Middlebury College. There are no photos from the interval session so here are some stills captured from video taken during the last trip up the hill. 
Left to right: Walker, Elliot and Garrott working together, Forrest going solo, and Tanner and Maddie pushing each other to the top. 
Margo, Lizzy and Maddie skied a cool down together…all smiles! 
Friday we kept the intensity high with 5 and 10k classic time trials with the Stratton Mountain School junior team at Rikert. The Rikert crew outdid themselves again, opening new man-made terrain and laying down NCAA-grade classic tracks on the 2.5k loop just for our time trial! We are spoiled! 
Mass start: both distances, boys and girls together. The more the merrier, right? Right. 
TK working hard in his first classic race effort. We still have some work to do on the difference between skating and herringboning but we’ll get there. When scolded for gliding his response was simply, “Look away, Kat. Just look away.” Hopefully he never tries the same tactic on a race official….I’m guessing they’ll be less understanding! 
Maddie jumping into our workout again with dual suit representation! 
Walker and Elliot working together on their first of four laps. 
Carl surrounded by an SMS crew…. 
This next weekend we’re heading to Maine for the second NENSA Eastern Cup. The races have just been moved from Rumford to Waterville so there’s some logical scrambling happening as we reorganize plans and timelines. The team is ready to go ow it’s time to turn on the engines and spin some laps around the race course! 
This week brings the final days of school before the crew heads home for two weeks of holiday break. Since our return from West Yellowstone we’ve been chasing winter, mostly in the form of driving to Rikert Nordic Center, in Ripton VT. We’re luckier than most in that we do have a place with a man-made loop where we can ski, a fact that makes the hamster wheel a little easier to tolerate four or five days in a row.
Our first day on Vermont snow happened at Sugarbush North. We took on the snowmaking hill that our GMVS alpine counterparts train on early one Saturday morning before the club groups got out. Since then we’ve been lucky enough to have daily access to Rikert Nordic Center. 
Rikert made snow for two days and managed to push it out into a small lollipop-shaped course before the temperature climbed up last week. 
Rikert played host to a couple of skate time trials last weekend. After watching the Middlebury College team duke it out against each other in a mass start race our Gumby crew joined racers from Woodstock Nordic, Frost Mountain Nordic, Ford Sayre and Middlebury High School in 5k and 3k individual start races. Despite having the individual start format the loop got very congested but it was great practice for the first Eastern Cup races next weekend in Craftsbury. Craftsbury also has limited terrain available (around 1k) so there are sure to be a lot of skiers on course there as well.  
Some L3 intervals at Rikert last week. 
Our crew went into the day with the goal of working on pacing. The 5k was a 6 lap race and the 3k was 4 laps so the plan was to keep the lap times similar or faster than the previous laps. The entire crew did a pretty decent job. Elliot, who won the 5k boys race but a mere one second over Forrest, had the most consistent times, all six laps within four seconds time difference. At the end of the 5k it was quite evident that our older boys train together: Elliot, Forrest and Walker all finished within five seconds of each other! Lizzy took the win in the girls 5k while Carl, Tanner and TK took first, third and fourth in the boys 3k. A solid day as a team as well! 
Elliot for the win!
Forrest had a great day on course and got some great news after the race too….he got accepted at his top pick for college next year! Congrats Forrest! 
Lizzy chasing down some boys during her 5k! 
Tanner soaking up the spring racing conditions in his t-shirt! 
Walker pushing hard to the finish….Walker had a great time trial despite being on rock skis that are probably older than him! 
Carl pushing hard! The younger boys did the 3k with the goal of testing their limits and pushing as hard as possible. All three did a great job with this! 
TK in his second race on nordic skis. Notice his father Jim looking on in the red jacket in the background! It’s awesome to have race-day support from our Gumby parents and see those that nordic ski enjoying the sport with their kids…though I’m not sure how many pairs of skis Jim has left now that TK has taken to confiscating them! 
Carl and his father, Terry, sharing the snow after the race. 
In other news: our women’s team doubled in size shortly after we returned from Montana. Margo joined us from the alpine crew and has been a joy to have around. Her athleticism and positive attitude are helping her pick up nordic skiing quickly and she’s excited to try racing sometime later this winter! 
Welcome Margo! 
We’re also lucky to have a guest athlete here training with us until the Eastern Cups. Henry is transferring to Bates after the holiday break and hopes to ski for them. He has been a great addition to our workouts over the last week and we’re looking forward to supporting him at the Craftsbury races next weekend! 
Henry racing with Lizzy (Henry is in the red shirt) last weekend. 
Happy skiers enjoying the sun despite the lack of natural snow! 
Our fingers are crossed for a change in the weather pattern soon….have you gotten your snow dance on yet? 
The week of Thanksgiving prompts an annual migration of skiers to West Yellowstone. While we had the trails almost to ourselves last week, this week we found ourselves sharing with the masses. Luckily the organizers do an excellent job with grooming and crowd management so there’s plenty of training space for everyone. 
Friday was the first of two Supertour events, a freestyle sprint. Forrest and Walker jumped into the fray and, although they didn’t qualify for heats, both felt reasonably happy with their efforts. These races are a great way to kick off the competitive season and shake out any off-season cobwebs that might be lingering. Today Lizzy will race in the women’s 10k skate Supertour, Walker in the men’s 15k and then Carl and Elliot in the junior 5k in the afternoon. 
A few shots from the week: 
Last weekend we saw an educational film on Yellowstone National Park in the IMAX theater (we had it whole place to ourselves!) and TK picked up this gem in their gift shop. 

French night, hosted by Walker, Carl and Catherine (with DJ services by Lizzy) ended with this delicacy. So tasty…and pretty! 
Kat and Lizzy checked out the bear and wolf museum. Kat didn’t take any pictures of the real animals but captured this shot instead. Too bad Mr. Bear wouldn’t fit in Witch’s Hat! 

A little afternoon strength on the fields West of town…
Lizzy and Carl working balance and muscles with bungee drills. 

Carl and TK learning how to shoot biathlon rifles prior to the Novice event on Wednesday. Carl had some rifle malfunctions in his race but still pulled off 10th place in the U14 category while TK shot 7/10 and finished 8th in the men’s race (apparently everyone older than 13 races together)! Good work! 

TK, Carl and Tanner singing while doing pushups to earn trucker hats at the Salomon booth. Not sure the Salomon athletes manning the table knew what to make of Les Mis with pushups! 

On Wednesday night the crew (TK, Tanner, Carl, Forrest, Elliot and Lizzy) took to the stage at the Ski Festival expo, representing Bjorn Daehlie and Podiumwear in the fashion show! Here’s Carl showing off a Bjorn Daehlie sweater and ski pants. 

TK and Tanner sporting some Podiumwear race suits…

Elliot sporting a Bjorn Daehlie rollerski suit! 

The trails here are in awesome shape. 

Skiing has been really fantastic! 

Pre-Thanksgiving dinner table setting. We had one extra spot at the table for Brian Fish, US Ski Team Development team coach, who joined us for the feast and football viewing. 


Happy cooks (and dishwashers)!

Only some of the dishes that we enjoyed! 

On Friday morning we woke to this….luckily the race organizers were forward thinking and delayed the start in advance! Today (Saturday) it’s already much warmer (3 degrees at 8am) and the sun is climbing into a clear sky so our last day of nordic skiing here in West should be awesome! 
Tomorrow we head to Big Sky for some alpine adventure before we start migrating on Monday. We’ll pack up our cabins (which have been awesome), drive to Bozeman in time for a tour of MSU and then stay the night in town before traveling back east on Tuesday morning. 

Our first week continues to be awesome. This morning (Saturday) we woke to chilly subzero temperatures and fresh flakes coming down. The younger crew took the first training session off and did an extra study hall session instead. The older gang went for an easy classic ski on their own and are just now arriving back at the cabins in time for lunch. This afternoon we have a skate technique and course previewing session planned.
Exhibit A: a studious Gumby enjoying some chai and To Kill a Mockingbird
The trails here are in amazing shape and we’ve had them almost entirely to ourselves. Yesterday we were joined by athletes from Stratton T2, Craftsbury, CXC and Team Gregg but multiple other programs continue to roll into town. 

Making our way to the trail head.
On Thursday afternoon we went off-track down near the Madison River east of town. 
Tanner, Elliot and Forrest cruising the riverbank. 

On our way back the group got a little strung out. Those who got back to the van first left us a note so we’d know where they went…
We started Friday morning off with group photos featuring our new Primus Shark and Carbon Strike poles from Leki. They’re awesome…thanks to Catherine for playing the role official photographer. 

What else can you use your #Lekipoles for? 

After photos we jumped right into some L3 classic intervals on the Supertour sprint course. It was a great foray into intensity on snow for the first time this winter. 
The skiing was so perfect that none of us wanted to quit so the cool down got extended a bit. The older boys met 2014 Olympian Brian Gregg. 

The younger boys were enjoying the perfect conditions together….

and posed with some “G”s for GMVS but it appears they’re backwards from the camera angle.  Next time we’ll get them the right way around! 
Perfect conditions! 
Friday afternoon we did a little gym-less strength at the edge of town. We used our bungees, did some jumps, sprints, and single leg squats…

TK doing single leg squats with increased consequences
Lizzy showing off her good form with some encouragement from Elliot. 
Tomorrow we’re heading out for an OD classic ski. Hopefully we have another beautiful blue bird day for our adventure! 

While it’s still unseasonably warm back in Vermont, the GMVS Nordic Gumbies have found winter! We arrived in West Yellowstone Tuesday evening and immediately went for a ski (in the dark). The trails here are in great shape and with the continued snow showers we’ve been getting they’re only improving. 
Gumby and Kat took an early morning walk to the trail head today to check out the grooming situation. There was perfect fresh corduroy and no one in sight! Gumby was psyched…as always!
On our last flight into Bozeman Carl got recruited by the flight attendant to help with her safety talk. 
Wednesday morning we went for a two hour easy classic ski to remind ourselves what it feels like to kick with wax in place of the guaranteed kick of a rollerski ratchet. In the afternoon we had an epic game of capture the flag in the race stadium which featured lots of sprinting, diving attempts to tag one another and only two rounds of flag capturing. The teams were very evenly matched. 
The crew posing before venturing out on our classic ski Wednesday morning. 

Hands up because we were psyched!
Elliot, Walker and Forrest taking a moment to enjoy the sunshine and view from the top of Telemark Hill on the 5k race course during Wednesday morning’s ski. 

For those who haven’t been here, West Yellowstone is a little town. One of those you can drive through without noticing if you blink at the wrong moment. Our cabins are just a five minute walk from the trail head. 
This morning (Thursday) we did a skate ski with drop-in speeds and a focus on skiing efficient transitions through corners and out of downhills. We had fresh flakes falling the whole time and by the time we were done the corduroy we had to start with was covered. 
The view from the trailhead first thing this morning….looks a little different than what we left behind in Vermont! 

Gumby and the classic track!
This morning Kat brought her camera with the intention of taking lots of pictures during our ski but took a spill the first time she took it out and it went in the snowbank lens first. It’s dried out now though and will be coming on our afternoon adventure. 
We’re going on a classic ski near the entrance to Yellowstone National Park. They close the roads in the park for a few weeks at the start of winter to let the snow build up before the allow tracked vehicles on them for the duration of the season. This means we can ski in without worrying about traffic! 
In other news, we went grocery shopping in Bozeman and came out of the store with four carts and a receipt as tall as Tanner. Carl and Elliot made us grilled cheese and tomato soup after our ski in the dark on our first night and Lizzy and Forrest made fajitas last night. Tonight TK and Walker are up and have pasta carbonara on the menu! 
Stay tuned!
This morning we woke up to another perfect morning, albeit a bit colder at 18F for our morning run and bungee routine. After breakfast and packing our bags we jumped in the van and headed to Wilmington where we found our trailhead. The plan for the day was a long, easy distance workout and there was a request for a peak that the majority hadn’t hiked yet, so Garrott and Kat decided on Whiteface.  
The trail we chose came up from the northeast side of the mountain, first ascending a smaller peak before crossing a ridge to make the final climb to the summit of Whiteface. 
TK and Carl (at right) heading up the final stretch above tree line. 
TK and Carl enjoying the sunshine and views in all directions. 
Lizzy above the trees and happy to be out of the shade!
Gumby hitchhiked in Brian’s bag….
Carl enjoying a little break above 4,000 feet. 
The view from the summit. 
TK spreading his wings….
The crew all together before heading down…
Brian posing with his hitchhiker….
Lizzy heading down the stairs. Our goal for total workout time this morning was three hours so we decided to hike down the toll road to finish as early as possible. The toll road closes at the end of October so we had the whole stretch to ourselves. 
Hiking down the stairs to the castle and toll road. 
Heading down to the castle….the stairs were still in the shade and had some slick black ice on them so we were grateful for the handrails to guide us down. 
The toll road looks about like this….it’s quite the scenic route. 
The first switchback on our way down was lined with giant icicles…some of them made a trip over the embankment courtesy of these gentlemen.
Heading on down the road….views were great. 
First big switchback. 
Elliot enjoying the sights. 
Last big turn away from the summit….the view back toward Lake Placid is great with the peak still visible on the left. 
This afternoon the crew had some downtime for naps and played soccer with local skiers from NYSEF. As I write this we’re sitting in the OTC conference room planning meals for our West Yellowstone trip. So far we have fajitas, quiche, bison burgers, chicken curry, and pizza scheduled. Right now the cooking teams are plowing through the final meals….Carl and Walker are working on our French-themed dinner, TK and Forrest are trying to plan a meal to fill in the box currently scheduled as “Road Kill”, and Tanner and Elliot are brainstorming for German night (which TK is also in on).  To their credit, Brian and Charlie (who will be in Craftsbury for Thanksgiving) are diligently doing homework despite all the talk of food (and roadkill). 
Tomorrow we’re heading over to the new rollerski loop for some L3 skate intervals in the morning. Hopefully Mother Nature holds the pattern and sends us more sunshine! 
At the end of our first full day here in Lake Placid the crew seems tired but happy. Today featured a morning workout before breakfast to wake our bodies up and prepare for the coming day. We began with a short jog followed by some light bungee work and core. 
The crew on our morning jog with the ski jumps in the background. What a gorgeous morning we had!
Planking by the entrance to the Olympic Training Center!
After breakfast we headed out to Van Hoevenberg for an L4 running and bounding session on the biathlon race trails. The focus was on maintaining good form while pushing hard over a five minute course of varried terrain. It was a very productive workout and the majority were successful in completing the course faster over each successive interval. Garrott led a cool down jog and showed us the old sliding track that has since been replaced by one of the world’s best refrigerated tracks. We’re hoping to check that out later this week! 
The boys taking a break in “Shady Corner” on the old bobsled run.
Tanner, TK, and Carl walking back down the track….and likely singing Les Mis songs the whole way! 
During our afternoon break today we took a little history field trip to the Lake Placid Olympic Musem. They had a wide array of collected items on display and many interesting tidbits to read about Olympic history both in and out of Lake Placid. 
The boys watching footage from the “Miracle on Ice” USA vs Soviet Union 1980 hockey match. 
Carl and TK attempt pushing positions for an old school bobsled while Charlie looks on. 
Inside the 1980 rink
For our afternoon workout we skied from our accommodations at the Olympic Training Center. The team split into two groups for some technique work and specific strength on a quiet road just across the street. 
Yesterday we made two stops on our way across the border. Our first was at Fort Ticonderoga just as we entered New York. We did a quick little hike, explored the fort and stretched our legs before finishing the drive to the High Peaks region. 
Once in Lake Placid we got some lunch before heading back out of town for a quick hike up Cascade Mountain. The clouds cleared as we were climbing and we had great views in all directions.  
Carl taking in the view above treeline…
The crew enjoying the frosty air and gorgeous views!
After our hike we visited a bike shop in town and admired some of the new nordic race equipment on the market before checking into the OTC. Our accommodations are pretty stellar….spacious rooms, hot food served all day, and close to all our training venues for the week. Last night, before tucking ourselves into bed at nine, we watched Miracle, the Disney film about the victorious 1980 US Olympic hockey team. The crew found it both inspiring and motivating….definitely a great way to kick off our camp here in Lake Placid! 
Tomorrow we’re planning on another morning jog/core session followed by breakfast (of course) and a hike up Whiteface. Hopefully the rain showers and clouds in the forecast hold off long enough for us to complete the trip to the castle! 
Stay tuned for more pictures and updates as the week progresses!

Columbus Day weekend was absolutely gorgeous here in Vermont and was the perfect sendoff for Lisa, our guest Italian biathlete. She spent a fun-filled three weeks with GMVS and was a great addition to our team during our stay. This last weekend she jumped into the first of two US Biathlon trials races in Jericho on Saturday and had so much fun that she wanted to go back for Sunday’s race! 
Some shots of Lisa during Saturday’s race. She shot 0,3 (only three misses in standing). 
Lizzy came with us to watch Lisa race on Saturday. After the race was over we hit the town for some shopping, but only after we had lunch at the Jericho Country Store. 

Lisa shooting prone on Sunday. She only missed one shot! 
Standing shooting on Sunday…only one miss again. A huge accomplishment as the rifle she had borrowed was too big for her and is weighted very differently than her own rifle back in Italy. 
After the trials races in the morning the Ethan Allen Biathlon Club hosted a citizens race for the less competitive class. Lisa convinced Kat to jump in and Walker and Chris Bean drove up to join in as well. 
Chris and Walker Bean – all smiles!
Kat trying to hit targets after her first full summer without training….it’s harder than it used to be! 
Walker pushing hard through the range.
One last adventure for Lisa on Monday….a bunch of the alpine girls came out for a hike with Lizzy, Kat and Lisa and Mother Nature came through with a warm, sunny day to complete the perfect sendoff. 
Fall foliage at peak….pretty views looking west from App Gap! 

Vermont looks lovely in orange! 

The next three weeks are a little heavier on volume and intensity as we work toward our fall camp period in November. After a brief trip to Lake Placid, NY we have a few days off for visiting home and family before we head out to West Yellowstone for our Thanksgiving camp. 
Snow season is coming…stay tuned!