It’s been a theme of camp for sure — each day it gets better!  Yesterday we took a trip to Quake Lake to further explore a landscape that was dramatically changed by an earthquake in 1949.  Sometime during our adventure a snow angel descended.
 Today as we drove up to the plateau we realized that the temperature was hovering at 0 degrees — I had walked to the gas station in the morning with a cup of coffee in my bare hand… but the dry western air didn’t seem quite that harsh.  We had cleaned our warm kick wax and replaced it with a more West-Yellowstone-like-flavor: Super Blue.  The road was empty, Tom had abandoned his post, and there were a total of three vehicles parked at the top of the road at 9am. 
 We ventured out for an OD with the goal of making the end of the grooming — which had been extended an additional 4km.  We passed a hardened group of New Mexico skiers who were skating home on the squeaky corduroy and a solitary CXC’r doing classic intervals, while we maintained a steady pace to keep our hands and toes from turning solid.  The tracks were deep and clean.
 Last night we got the gang together after dinner for a viewing of the ladies relay that changed history and the status updates of at least half of our friends on the facebook.  We worked on sneaking our foot up the trail, setting the wax, and stopping here and there in sunny areas to warm our bodies.
 At the end of the grooming we were greeted by a few messages in the snow and some beautiful meadows that beckoned some exploration.
This afternoon we are recruiting some of the “stay-overs” from Dartmouth, Sun Valley, and the Green Team for a game of recovery soccer.  We have intervals tomorrow and then we are tapering back for the next round of Super Tours over in Bozeman.
corduroy ✔
skida ✔
bluebird ✔
stoked ✔
    tired ✔