“Everyday I see my dream, Everyday I see my dream.” Not only has this line from the song by LMFAO been played throughout the house we are living in, but it has also been a personal theme of mine for the camp so far. The song is in no way directly related to skiing, and honestly this is one of the only lines I can remember, but it has been stuck in my mind. Being on snow brings the upcoming season into focus, and highlights all of my goals and dreams. Achieving these dreams is where the work begins.

Everyday we train our hearts out trying to make every improvement possible. A quote from an article I read about a month ago on a US Ski Team member’s blog has stuck with me, this question asked by a coach of an athlete is something I think about every night before I go to bed now. “What did you do today that will put you on the podium in 2010?” I adapt this quote to fit my goals for this season, steering away from an Olympic podium finish, to a top 30 finish at Junior Nationals in Truckee California this spring. Knowing that I have done something that will better my skiing ability, and thus achieve my goal, is a great feeling while reflecting on the day.

Torin Koos, one of my ski heroes, said in an article he wrote, that he trains “To get myself into a place where I’m in the start gate of the Olympic A-Final and know with every fiber of my body I am ready to fulfill my dream, my destiny, my potential – That is my goal.” The focus of my attention is to the final part of the quotation, being ready. I think about this before every hard workout, imagining myself achieving my goal, knowing that with the right amount of work it is possible.

A three week training and race camp is just what I think the team needs to start off the season. I know for me, it is putting my mind into a ski specific state, where everything else seems distant and less urgent. I spend much of my off time prepping my skis and checking updates on the NENSA and Faster Skier websites. But most of all, “Everyday I see my dream.”