Today the skiers are doing a mock-sprint. The first race is coming up on Saturday, and it is also a freestyle sprint. It was cold this morning, down to about -8 C. A couple CM of new snow made for pretty nice skiing, not to mention the fact that the sun was out again. We’re all headed out in a little while to do the “heats” — which will be 3 repeats of the sprint loop from this morning.

Elena 2:39
Kristin 2:51
Heidi 3:09
Kaitlin 3:18

Eldar 2:31
Dylan 2:34
Louis 2:36
Preston 2:40
David 2:41
JOhn 2:49
Daniel M 2:51
Danny K 2:56
Hans 2:58
Alec 3:07
Devlin 3:11