It’s time to look back at some photos and thoughts from our second GMVS Summer camp, which was a ton of fun from the very beginning. The whole camp was held under sunny summer skies, with roller skiing, running, hiking, and more… and of course plenty of trips to the Valley’s various swimming holes! Day 1 was a long hike starting in Huntington.

We climbed to the top of Camels Hump–no small feat in itself–then traversed some eight miles across the spine of the Green Mountains before descending off of Burnt Rock to Fayston. A pretty remarkable jaunt for sure! Most of the boys and some of the girls were determined to put the hammer down from the beginning, so I only have photos of them from the beginning of the hike and on the summit, but we had a fantastic day the whole way through.

Our friend Jacob Myerson from CSU at the tip-top.

Hans just summited Kilimanjaro but he came up Camels Hump anyway, helping to guide the top group with our camp stalwart Dylan Grald. Here Hans stands at the summit with some strong Ford Sayre boys, George Voigt and Sam Merrens.

The whole gang at the top: skiers from Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and of course Vermont.

We are lucky to have such an amazing hike right in our backyard, with views to the Champlain Valley and Lake Champlain, to the White Mountains, and to our own Mad River Valley just below.

 As we head into our camp season we are grateful for our beautiful valley and humbled by the dynamic nature of recent summer weather systems.  Today we watched the radar closely and managed to have two safe and quality sessions on roller skis.  Yesterday the kids got to escape the heat of the valley as they ascended to the Green Mt Ridge to experience elevational cooling and a strong breeze.
 Afternoon session for Fast and Female gals: four miles gradual uphill.  First two miles on pavement and the finish on smooth dirt.  Cool temps and uplifting clouds.

 A few of the boys stepped it up to a 15km ski.  Dylan Grald led the boys over a cool loop: pavement, dirt, pavement, dirt.  Here is Ford Sayre skier, Adam Glueck, striding over the Mad River.

 Looking down over Phen Basin from Castlerock.
 Engulfed by the grass and experience: Mad River Glen.

 Very proud of our local skiers: Noah Eckstein, Elliot Ketchel, Maddy Strasser and Anneka Williams.  Noah and Elliot are learning amazing orienteering skills of their local hills — combining winter and  summer travels and learning a deep sense of place.
 Heading down Antelope.  
More travels to come.  Don’t forget the APP GAP CHALLENGE.  July 3rd.  Cash Prize for setting new course record — ice cream party and awards for all!!